A new approach to portable container structures


We specialize in modular structure manufacturing

Good Modular Structures

The innovative modular technology provides exceptional flexibility. Open up a world of opportunities, seamlessly fitting your unique requirements and imaginative ideas.

Innovative Modular Structure Design

Good RV Equipment, Inc. introduces a revolutionary modular design, offering customizable features and versatile applications. Our approach incorporates traditional construction with modern materials, setting new standards in the industry.

Our Distinctive Features

The standout features that define the excellence of Good RV Equipment Inc.

The strength and lightness of our aluminum panel construction, the versatility of our customizable modular designs, and the limitless functionality offered by our custom fabrication services.

01.Custom Interiors

Custom interiors create infinite possibilities to create the exact space you are looking for. We will work with you to design a space that make dreams into reality.

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02.Modular Design

Its compact design features installable panels for easy storage and transport. The modular system simplifies maintenance and optimizes space utilization in your garage, warehouse, or storage area.

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03.Composite Panels

The patent-pending Good RV composite panels are designed for optimal comfort and durability, featuring a rigid core of polyurethane insulation board, sandwiched between protective sheets of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

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About us

Here at Good RV Equipment, Inc., our mission is to create enriching and memorable experiences. We achieve this through crafting quality materials that blend function and style seamlessly. We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and ingenuity to ensure that every adventure you have with our products are inspiring.

Events & News

Join us for exciting events to explore our latest product equipment and innovations.

From engaging product showcases to interactive demonstrations, you’ll experience firsthand how Good RV can elevate your trailer experience. Stay tuned for updates on events and dates!

2024 NATDA Trailer Show

The NATDA Trailer Show returns to Nashville from Aug 28 – Aug 29, 2024. As the first, and only, industry-specific, business-to-business event, the NATDA Trailer Show caters to dealers, manufacturers, parts and service vendors, distributors and OEM suppliers.

Start Date: August 28, 2024